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H & R Johnson - Zoya Tiles H & R Johnson INR H & R Johnson - Zoya Tiles
Kalidasuvari Street Kandukur, prakasam 523105

Kalidasuvari Street , Inside Old LIC Building , Kandukur , prakasam, andhra pradesh - 523105

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e8d496ce-1af7-4424-9f59-6bdd3012a020 RT22 SSR CERAMIC TILES | 60x60cm
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RT SSR collection is highly resistant to scratches...
RT SSR collection is highly resistant to scratches and stains. Presented in the size of 60x60cm these tiles are in matt finish and digitally printed. The latest trendy designs in multiple themes are ideal for residential floors including bathrooms and perform well even in commercial spaces with moderate footfalls. Fix 0
c2c79b8a-b56d-4940-8bcb-687eae213c0d ARCADE SERIES
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Johnson tiles presents the unique range of Vitrifi...
Johnson tiles presents the unique range of Vitrified tiles that adds element of beauty and aesthetics to the robust all weather flooring options, available in 40x40cm and 1.2cm thickness. Best suited for interior and exterior Fix 0
6cfc9c29-d865-41a6-9851-d003dde20bae EVOKE COLLECTION
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Endura Presents Evoke series 20x20cm - wall & floo...
Endura Presents Evoke series 20x20cm - wall & floor application for outdoor as well indoor areas of your home Fix 0
26c45d28-e8db-4bd9-a565-3925b8f6d942 ROYALE 160x80 GLAZED VITRIFIED TILES
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Johnson Porselano Royale collection of Glazed Vitr...
Johnson Porselano Royale collection of Glazed Vitrified Slab offer a smooth contemporary look and reduced groove lines inspired by nature and elegantly chosen design Fix 0
ELITE PLUS DSF RT24 | 60x120cm ELITE PLUS DSF RT24 | 60x120cm
47ce0d83-0687-492d-9b8b-94ef7e71a131 ELITE PLUS DSF RT24 | 60x120cm
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Johnson Marbonite presents spectacular collection ...
Johnson Marbonite presents spectacular collection of double charge and stain-free vitrified tiles allows you to add colour and life to your living spaces, hence design a floor that is alive, modern and contemporary. An impeccable persona of you reflected in the beauty of the flooring. Fix 0
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Sandeep Reddy
H & R Johnson - Zoya Tiles
H & R Johnson - Zoya Tiles
H & R Johnson - Zoya Tiles
H & R Johnson - Zoya Tiles
About H & R Johnson
Established in 1958, H & R Johnson (India) offers various lifestyle solutions covering Wall and Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware & Bath Fittings, and Engineered Marble, and Quartz for different Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Spaces. Your visit to our experience center can help you to make an informed decision and choose the suitable tiles from over 3000 best-in-class premium quality options. H & R Johnson’s tile solutions include various contemporary designs in the form of digital tiles, ceramic wall tiles, 3D elevation tiles, wall cladding tiles, bathroom ceramic floor tiles, kitchen tiles, bath wall tiles, porcelain tiles, polished vitrified tiles, full body vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, cool roof SRI tiles, Anti-static tiles, parking tiles, swimming pool and garden tiles, double charged vitrified tiles & germfree tiles for individual homes and large projects needs.
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Johnson Endura is brought to you by H & R Johnson (India) is the country`s largest manufacturer of Industrial, Pavement and Specialty tiles such as Cool Roof SRI tiles, MaxGrip ‘R-value’ tiles, Swimming pool tiles, Antistatic tiles, Antibacterial tiles, Tac Tiles, etc. Johnson Endura offers virtually all types of interior and exterior tiling solutions.
Johnson Endura Industrial tiles are most suited for use over waterproofed terraces as they withstand all the Weathering effects roofs are exposed to and insulate against expansion and contraction of the Waterproofing layer below. Normally dust on the roof and movement of people leads to abrasion of the waterproofing layer. Johnson Endura tiles on a waterproofed roof help protect this surface. Care should be taken to test the waterproofing layer before tilling and tile joints should be sealed properly with epoxy or any other water-proof grouting material.
Static charge is a constant source of the problem in various industrial processes, in areas where highly sensitive electronic or computing equipment are in operation, and in many areas of Industries where inflammable chemicals or explosives are being used. In such areas sparks resulting from build-up of static charge can become a major fire hazards. The use of Johnson Endura Anti-static conductive and dissipative flooring tiles helps conduct static charge away into ground eliminating resultant hazards.
Johnson Endura swimming pool tiles can be used to line water tanks in buildings. The water storage tank which is either underground or overhead can be lined in the inside with Johnson Endura tiles to keep the area clean. The surface will have fewer algae growth as the tiles are coated with an impervious glass surface, thus making it an ideal choice for water storage, including drinking water.
Johnson Endura is a vitrified tile manufactured using special non-ferrous clays, processed and fired at ultra-high temperatures of 1170-1200oc. This process causes the raw materials to fuse and form a Compact mass with low water absorption of less 0.5% resulting in a very strong body (flexural Strength 35N/MM2) with a very hard surface (Mohs'hardness of 7). The surface of the tile is either Matt or textured to provide excellent non-slip property.
Johnson Endura tiles are recommended when there is a need to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics and Functionality. With its comprehensive exterior flooring solutions, the 10mm core Johnson Endura collection Is ideal for garden pathways, terraces, automobile workshops, educational institutions, warehouses Skyways, supermarkets and virtually any other outdoor area that encounters heavy traffic.
The 10mm thickness adds to the toughness and durability of the product. Furthermore, the "Super-Grip" series, a collection of unique textured surfaces, offers excellent non-slip property thus making it an ideal choice for use in public places with high traffic.
Johnson Endura Industrial tiles can withstand normal impact. They have been tested in automobiles Garage where various implements and equipment often keep falling with no significant damage to tiles. However, the tiles are not unbreakable and hence the extent of the damage if any would depend on the weight and shape and height of the fall of the falling object. We, therefore, recommend a gap of few mm between tiles of easy maintenance or replacement in the event of any damage.
Cement and cement concrete tiles tend to pit and form pot holes on usage. In epoxy floors, there is a tendency to develop micro-cracks which then tend to peel-off the floor. In both these cases, it is difficult to repair the floor. When Johnson Endura Industrial floors are installed with proper spacing and Grouting, they can be easily repaired by replacing the damaged tile.